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I can’t get over how much fun it was to spend some time with gorgeous Hannah. She is literally my dream girl. I chose her off the website and spent some quality time with her, and now I can’t wait to come back and see her again. This was easily the best erotic massage. New York has a new number one erotic massage place, and it is AllAmericanNuru.com. I will definitely come back again. If you are thinking about getting an erotic massage you really need to consider getting it here. I’m very taken with Hannah and she has become my favorite girl in just a short time.

— Bill H., New York


I wasn’t sure about booking an erotic massage. I’ve never had a sensual body rub before, so I was hesitant. Finally, though, after spending weeks looking through the smoking hot pictures on the website, I contacted AllAmericanNuru.com and was able to ask some of the questions I had. They walked me through the whole process and answered all of my questions. When I finally booked my erotic massage as an outcall, I was nervous, and being able to have it done in my home made it a lot more comfortable because it was a lot more familiar and therefore didn’t seem as weird. After it was over I couldn’t believe I had hesitated so much. This was great, and I would definitely do it again. In fact, I’m going to, because I have already booked another erotic massage. New York has lots of places like this, and I know that because I looked at almost all of them before I finally settled on AllAmericanNuru.com. I’m very pleased with my choice.

— Andy S., New York Area


Oh, sweet Betty! I can’t wait until I can have another sensual body rub with Betty. She really rocked my world, and it was great to be able to be so close to someone so sexy. She’s incredible.

— Dan A., Manhattan


I am a woman and I think a fairly attractive one. I have always been a little bisexual and I wanted to experience what it was like to have a woman’s sensual hands on me. I booked with Jenna because I found her the sexiest of all the gorgeous women on these pages. When she was in the room with me and putting her hands all over me, it drove me wild. I can’t quite get over the experience. I find myself thinking about it often… and wanting to do it again. I know these places normally cater to men, but this was really great for me as a woman.

— Jane C., New York


Cannot say enough good things about AllAmericanNuru.com. Great people, great talent, great facility. The girls are sexy, clean, friendly, and wonderful to be with. I’ve had a total of six sensual body rubs through the company and I can’t wait until I can get another one. Absolutely highly recommended.

— David S., New York

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