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Exquisite Janet is a hands-on erotic massage artist who enjoys using her hands to make things and to do crafts. She’s a sociable, personable young woman who is also an amateur sculptor who loves her job with AllAmericanNuru.com. If you love erotic massage, Janet is the young woman to turn to for your erotic massage. New York’s finest erotic massage parlor is yours to enjoy when you visit AllAmericanNuru.com.


Age 25
Height 5’6″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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Janet Janet
Janet Janet

Janet believes it is a shame that people do so little work with their hands these days. “We really don’t take the time to shape the world around us with our own two hands,” she told us. “We just buy the things we want now and never actually do them for ourselves. If you want to eat a hamburger for dinner, you just go to the store instead of butchering the cow yourself. If you want to buy a new outfit, you don’t have to farm the cotton, or make the thread, or sew the garment yourself. There’s plenty of clothes to be had at the local department store. You can just go and buy absolutely anything you could ever want in this world, as long as you have the money to do it. Nobody understands how to do general things anymore; they only know their little part of what they do, their specific job. If we can’t become more adept at working with our hands, at doing things for ourselves, we’ll up just becoming useless and unable to do things. What happens when we need to do things for ourselves, if the systems we take for granted all fall apart? I guess that’s one of the reasons I like to stay so busy.”

Janet is also a firm believer in getting in touch with her naughtier side. She loves to flirt and loves to show her partners a good time. She is fully aware that she has a reputation for being downright filthy at times, but she likes to stir things up and she likes to get close to other people. “I like to feel someone pressed up against me. I like to feel their body heat. When I want something, I just go ahead and take what I want. It’s really that simple when I go after what I want. I think all women have things that they want, and they all have needs that they have to go after and fulfill from time to time. I love to just have fun, just let go and let myself go wild. I think we all need to get wild and crazy sometimes. And men appreciate a girl who knows how to be spontaneous. Sure, sometimes a man wants predictability, and sometimes he wants things to be a little more quiet and relaxing, but any man who sees me knows how much fun and excitement can be had when you don’t really know what’s coming next. I think that kind of thing is absolutely thrilling.”

Janet is all about fantasy fulfillment. She’s an expert when it comes to knowing what turns on the men she goes out with, and she credits her ability to listen to them for making her so skilled at this. “The most basic and fundamental skill in the world is making people feel heard and valued,” she explains. “Most women don’t realize what they could accomplish if they would just start listening more and talking less. It is easy to be full of yourself and just go on and on about things that are important to you, and the guy in your life will listen for as long as you keep talking. But he won’t feel like you value him. He won’t feel like you care about anything outside yourself. If you want to show people you can listen, you’ve got to be a lot more quiet, just take it all in. We should all listen more and talk less. When you do, you will be amazed at what you learn, and how much it benefits you.

One of the ways Janet relaxes is through sculpture. While she doesn’t consider herself a professional, she has a decent talent, and she enjoys watching something recognizable form from a lump of clay. “Being able to change something in the world, something I put my hands directly on, something that reflects what I’m thinking, has a lot of appeal for me,” she says. “I like the feeling of power. You don’t have to be great at sculpture in order to find some value in the process. I love it when I can create something from nothing. I get a real feeling of having accomplished something when I do that, when I’ve pictured something in my mind and then caused it to be created. It’s kind of thrilling, going from your mind’s eye and then into reality. I love being able to change the world around me, and do things that make me feel connected to the world. We should all practice this act of creation from time to time. We should all try our hand at visualizing something and then causing it to exist.

Janet likes to socialize with her friends, and always takes the time to get together with them when possible. She is a firm believer in building strong relationships that go the distance, and she has plenty of people whose company she really enjoys. “I love my friends,” she says. “I love my life, and I respect the people who are part of that life. I think our appreciation for each other is based on that mutual respect. Everyone around you deserves the best you can offer them. They deserve to have you put the time in and really be what they need you to be. That’s why I love being with the people I care about most. I adore being who I am and living my life to the fullest, and I love my job. I think I’ve always felt this way, to be perfectly honest.”

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