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Q. How do I know which young women are working so that I can make my choice from among your available erotic massage artists?

A. While the schedules of our young ladies may vary, we encourage you to look through the Girl’s pages of our site and choose the young woman who most excites you and, based on her personality and interview questions, the one whose personality most intrigues you and interests you. If the young woman you want is not available, or if you don’t necessarily see what you like when you peruse our pages, contact us. We’ll make sure to connect you with someone who can help you, someone who will please you just as much as your first choice. This is part of the service we provide and the reason that AllAmericanNuru.com is so highly regarded when it comes to erotic massage. New York’s finest sensual body rub experience is the one that we provide, and we will show this to you time and again. And we’d dearly love the opportunity to do that, too, because we want every client who comes to us, on an incall or outcall basis, to become a repeat client. We want to build a business relationship with you.


Q. How much does an erotic massage cost?

A. Our rates page includes information about how much it costs to book your incall or outcall erotic massage or sensual body rub. If you have any questions about our rates or services, we encourage you to contact us. We are looking forward to hearing from you, and looking forward to starting our business relationship with you on an ongoing basis.


Q. Do I need an appointment?

A. Yes, you should contact us to make arrangements before showing up to our facility for an erotic massage. New York’s finest erotic massage artists are in high demand, and that means that the lovely young women who work with us are frequently engaged. One of the services we provide is coordinating their schedules with the needs of those who come to us for an incall, or who book our beautiful young girls for an outcall appointment. In order to coordinate the schedules of our girls against the needs of our clients, we do need to hear from you in order to make arrangements. Don’t worry; we have a large staff of beautiful women at our disposal. Our friendly, discreet administrative staff will gladly make arrangements for you as swiftly and efficiently as possible.


Q. Can I choose the young lady I would like to spend time with when I arrive for an incall?

A. It would be much better if you had some idea in mind of what you are looking for before you arrive. We encourage you to look through the pages of all our beautiful girls, make your selections, and then communicate these to us so we can see who is available.


Q. These women are beautiful. Are their pictures real?

A. Yes, all of the pictures of the beautiful young women working for us are absolutely authentic.


Q. I’ve never had an erotic massage before. Is this something that happens on, like a couch or something?

A. Our erotic massages are conducted on professional massage tables. This provides you with the best possible experience and also makes it possible for your lovely young lady to do her job to the best of her ability.


Q. Are your girls professional massage therapists?

A. No, our girls are not professional massage therapists. They are professional entertainers. If you think about it, this makes perfect sense. Someone who is a professional medical massage therapist or physical therapist has a skill that works regardless of appearance. It wouldn’t matter what someone like that looks like, would it? But when you book an erotic massage or sensual body rub, you are booking an experience intended to get you close to a beautiful woman, who is willing to get hands on with you in order to relax you, help you feel good, and be close to you. You are paying for the experience of closeness to that beautiful woman, and that means she is entertaining you, not providing you with medical grade therapy.


Q. Is this legal?

A. Yes, this is perfectly legal. It is legal to operate a sensual body rub or erotic massage parlor in New York, and we operate our business in compliance with all applicable laws. All of our lovely ladies enjoy what they do immensely.


Q. Can I book an erotic massage in my home or hotel room, or do I have to come to your facility?

A. AllAmericanNuru.com offers erotic massage and sensual body rub on an incall or outcall basis. That means you can visit us at our New York facility if you first contact us in order to make arrangements, or you can book your young lady and have her come to your hotel or your home so that you can enjoy her services in the comfort and privacy of a more familiar setting. We’ve found that our clients seem to be pretty much evenly split on which they prefer. Some are much more comfortable having their professional entertainer arrive at their home or hotel, while others are happy to come see us and then leave to go about the rest of their day.


Q. How much time should I allot for my erotic massage? New York is a fast-paced city and I have a lot of things to do.

A. We understand just how fast paced this city can be, yes. While the time for your erotic massage can vary depending on your needs and the arrangements you make for us, we recommend giving us as much notice as you can when it comes to making your booking so that we can see to your preferences as accurately and closely as possible.


Q. Can I extend my booking?

A. Yes, as long as your erotic massage artist has the time available.

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