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AllAmericanNuru.com is a full-service erotic massage and sensual body rub facility located in New York and serving the greater New York area. We are, without a doubt, the first and last word in erotic massage. New York offers plenty of sensual body rub locations, but none of them have the friendly, sexy, hands-on talent that we have. We make it possible for men (and women) who want to experience the hands-on company of a beautiful young girl to get what they want in a safe, legal setting conducted in accordance with all applicable laws. Our erotic massage artists are all exceptionally beautiful, fun, and sexy women, who enjoy spending time with their clients and getting to know them while they get hands on to ease their clients’ stress and tensions. We are always happy when our massage girls report that they have hit it off with a client, but that leads us to something important that you need to know about our company: We respect you completely and will take great pains to see to it you are properly treated as our client. Our business is rooted in this commitment. We are always seeking to build strong business relationships. We would like you to become one of those business relationships.

Our young women are NOT professional massage therapists. They are professional entertainers whose exceptional appearance and style answer your needs and even fulfill your fantasies. If you have always wanted to experience a sensual body rub or erotic massage, New York’s best erotic massage is found at AllAmericanNuru.com. All men desire the company of beautiful women. We have selected our erotic massage artists for their exceptional beauty, their friendly and outgoing personalities, and their talents in making you feel good through the art of sensual massage. When you book the time of one of our girls, you are booking the time of a professional entertainer who is happy to get to know you and help you to feel good while being close to you and letting you enjoy that intimate experience. Nothing could be more enjoyable, and nothing could be simpler. We also screen and vet all of our erotic massage artists to ensure that they are well suited to the profession and also to guarantee your satisfaction.


Incall and Outcall Services for Erotic Massage (New York Area Only)

We offer both incall and outcall services. That means your lovely young massage artist can meet you in your home or hotel if you like. Some of our clients find it more comfortable to have their erotic massage conducted in their own home, or in the privacy of a hotel, because it makes them more comfortable and thus allows them to enjoy the experience more. We completely understand this, so when you contact us to book your erotic massage, we offer outcall as an option. If this sounds appealing to you, just let us know when you book. However, if you’d rather be able to come to us, either because you are in the neighborhood or because you find it faster and more efficient to come to us, that’s okay too. We offer incall erotic body massage (New York area in both cases) as well as outcall. In other words, if you’re anywhere in the New York area, you can come to us, or you can arrange to have one of our lovely young ladies come to you. It all comes down to what you prefer. We are very proud of our ability to serve our clients’ needs and adapt to the changing needs of different clients, one to another. This is a service business, after all, and the better we can serve each individual client, the more easily we can build a lasting business relationship with each of them. We want to make every client a repeat client. We also think the experience of sensual body rubs here at AllAmericanNuru.com will so entice you and thrill you that you won’t be able to help yourself wanting to come to us again and again. We anticipate that and appreciate it. We’re waiting patiently (but not that patiently) to have you book an erotic massage with one of our incredible young women.

We Protect Your Privacy and Confidentiality

When you get in touch with AllAmericanNuru.com, we keep everything about your interaction with us completely confidential. Any messages you send to us, any conversations you have with us, are strictly confidential. We won’t discuss your booking with anyone outside our company. We won’t collect any information on you of any kind. You don’t have to worry about your personal dating being compromised because we don’t collect any of that kind of material. Data that isn’t collected and stored can’t be stolen, after all. And we never give anyone access to our client list. That means we don’t sell any client information to spammers or anyone else, and you’ll never end up getting any kind of telemarketing contacts after using our services. No one outside of AllAmericanNuru.com will ever know that you used our services.

Our genuine commitment to your privacy doesn’t stop with guarding your booking. Each and every one of our erotic massage artists understands how vital to our business is the privacy of our clients. Our girls will never discuss with anyone outside our company, or with any of their fellow massage artists, anything they might come to know about you. Our girls are professional entertainers, who know not to discuss the details of what they do with friends or with family. They don’t ask personal questions and they won’t pester you. Your confidentiality is completely assured with our discreet and friendly staff.


If You’re Just In Town For The Moment, Come On Down And See Us

You don’t have to live in the local New York area to use our service. We have plenty of clients who come in from out of town to enjoy the services of our incredible experts in erotic massage. New York is a world-class city that features unparalleled tourism, entertainment, and cultural attractions. It’s also a center of commerce. That means that business people from all over the world and throughout the area find themselves passing through New York. If you’ve come to New York for business, for tourism, or just to see the city because you’ve always wanted to do so, we would be pleased if you took the time to book a sensual body rub with us. We stand ready to help and would be delighted if we could schedule a booking that made your trip to New York that much more memorable. And if you’re a business traveler hoping for suitable and convenient sensual body rub experience, then AllAmericanNuru.com is the massage parlor for you.

If you do live in the area, that’s great. You may book as many erotic massages as you like, and we encourage you to do so. Contact us today and we’ll get the process started. Our staff books the girls’ times and coordinates their schedules with yours, as well as providing logistical support and billing services for the booking. Your erotic massage artist will either meet you at your home or hotel, or she will be waiting for you when you arrive at our well-appointed facilities. In either setting, she will conduct herself with discretion and professionalism. You can always count on the girls of AllAmericanNuru.com to treat you well and with the respect that you deserve.


AllAmericanNuru.com Wants Your Business

We are an ethical business rooted in integrity, honesty, and the desire to make your life better. We enjoy very much the opportunities we have to connect men who want the best in erotic massage and sensual body rubs with sexy women who are eager to provide that service. Each of our erotic massage artists is an incredible young woman who is skilled and experienced in providing her clients with an exciting, sensual experience. But each and every one of our girls is also a part of the larger family of employees here. That means when you book with us, you’re not just getting a commitment to excellence. You’re also getting the skill and experience necessary to back up that commitment with discreet, skilled action.

Are you finally ready to book your erotic massage? New York can be a stressful town, and when you enjoy one of our sensual body rubs, all of your cares will melt away. It’s time to finally book your erotic massage and see what you have been missing. AllAmericanNuru.com is the best venue in the New York area for your sensual body rub experience. Don’t waste your time with the rest; try the best today. The time to experience the fun and excitement of a sensual body rub is now. Don’t waste any more time; any day you don’t contact us is another day that you are going without this incredible experience. AllAmericanNuru.com’s girls are experts in

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