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Maria is the sort of fun-loving gal who enjoys gambling and other games of chance. She is a big fan of televised sports, and likes things that get rough and tumble. She’s also an accomplished If you love erotic massage, Maria is the young woman to turn to for your erotic massage. New York’s finest erotic massage parlor is yours to enjoy when you visit AllAmericanNuru.com.


Age 26
Height 5’3″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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Maria Maria
Maria Maria

The thing that Maria loves about games of chance, particularly those that are high-stakes, is the concept that in a single moment her entire life could change. “Think about that for a minute,” she says. “You roll some dice, you draw a card, you pull the handle of a slot machine, and just like that, everything about your world could be altered forever. Having all that money in your life genuinely changes things for you. It changes your lifestyle. It changes your outlook. It changes your priority. And just like that, it all happens in an instant, when a big high-stakes game of chance comes up your way and you finally just get lucky. That’s the power of luck. It may be rare, but it’s not impossible. It’s by definition a mathematical possibility. That’s what I like about gambling.”

Maria loves the idea of paying good deeds forward, so much so that she’s always looking for a way to serve other people charitably. “I think that is part of what makes me such a great erotic massage artist,” she says. “I love to do nice things for people. There’s not much more that you can do in life that helps people more than taking away their pain, than giving them release. Erotic massage helps you relax. It releases all the pent up tensions you have that are hurting you. Over time, those hurts and pains all add up. It’s not easy to rid yourself of pain, worry, and tension. A person who can provide you with relief from that is truly giving you a gift. They are giving you the gift of peace of mind. They are giving you the gift of enjoyment of your body. If you could choose to enjoy your body more, wouldn’t you do so? I think anybody would, given the opportunity. So that’s what I do, and that’s why I enjoy my job. Working as an erotic massage artist gives me the opportunity to give real pleasure, real happiness, real enjoyment to people who might otherwise suffer from stress, tension, and pain. Given the chance, shouldn’t we all want to help our fellow human beings that way? I know I do, which is why I chose to work with AllAmericanNuru.com. It doesn’t hurt that I’m also young, beautiful, and eager to make new friends. When you’re personable in this line of work, people respond to that. It’s just how these things work.”

Maria is fascinated by individual acts of kindness, especially those administered randomly to those around her. “When you can be kind to those around you, when you can do things for them without asking, when you can brighten someone’s day without needing a reason to do so, I think you are making the world a better place. We all need the opportunity to improve the world, and I truly believe that when we treat people well, we’re doing just that. People deal with so much stress and so many problems in their lives, but if we all come together and agree to help each other, we can make this life just a little bit better for everyone around us. We all need to come together and show our fellow human beings what it means to be kind to each other. We’re all in this together. There’s no reason that any of us have to go it alone. There’s no reason at all, if you ask me.”

Maria’s love of helping others, and giving of herself, is what makes her so effective when it comes to giving the art and science of erotic massage. New York also plays a role, as Maria loves the city and couldn’t see herself living or working anywhere else. “Being able to give of myself, give to others, treat them as I want to be treated, and share mutual respect with my clients is something that I take a lot of pride in,” she says, “Something about being able to bring a smile to man’s face, to give him the caring and attention he deserves, all while easing his tension and helping him let go of his problems and anxieties… I think that’s an incredibly important calling. I put a lot of myself into what I do, and it makes up a lot of my identity. I’m the kind of girl that can give you the greatest erotic massage. New York has a lot of pretty girls like me, but AllAmericanNuru.com offers the best erotic massage experience. We want you to be satisfied, and my fellow erotic massage artists and I are all standing by to make sure you are. We’re that dedicated to your satisfaction and to the integrity of your time with us. We want to make you want to come back, again and again. After all, isn’t that what erotic massage is all about?”

Maria is only too aware that it is her incredible body that helps make her so popular. “I do look after my body,” she admits. “It’s necessary when you’re this incredible. You just have to. There’s no other way to approach being an erotic massage artist. People who come to us are looking for an experience that includes incredibly beautiful, young, sexy women. That’s what I am and that’s what I do. When you come to AllAmericanNuru.com, when you book an erotic massage with me, you’re in for an experience you will never forget. I promise you, once you finally come to us and book with us, you will never be more happy. Come on down now to AllAmericanNuru.com now and see what you’ve been missing!”

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