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Stunning Connie loves speed and going fast. She considers herself something of an adrenaline fiend. She’s always looking for a good time and always happy to have one. There’s really nothing she won’t try. If you love erotic massage, Connie is the young woman to turn to for your erotic massage. New York’s finest erotic massage parlor is yours to enjoy when you visit AllAmericanNuru.com.


Age 24
Height 5’5″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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Connie Connie
Connie Connie

“Yes,” Connie admits, “I do consider myself an adrenaline fiend. I like anything that goes fast. I like the thrill of living dangerously. Lots of young women get thrilled by that sort of thing, and I’m not different when it comes to that. Guys can spot a girl who gets turned on by speed and adrenaline, and there are plenty of daredevils and motor heads out there who are more than happy to take advantage of that opportunity. I’ve never been very mechanically inclined, so I don’t really know the details of cars or engines. I just know how it makes me feel when I’m enjoying the speed and power of a well-tuned machine, especially if I can enjoy it in the company of someone who knows what he’s doing. When a guy takes me out in a powerful car, I enjoy riding with him. I enjoy being seen with him. I enjoy being who I am and indulging my desires for speed and power. I love it when the motor roars and I get pressed back into my seat. It’s a thrill. It really is.”

Connie loves motorcycles especially because of the power they offer in a compact envelope. “Motorcycles are unlike anything else,” she says. “You’re literally riding the back of a rocket. You’ve got all this power just churning and growling away between your legs. You have to get on it and ride it. It carries you. It’s exactly like I felt when I first tried horseback riding. Horses are great for girls, especially the tight riding pants. I know most men appreciate those. When you ride a horse, as a woman, you are feeling all this incredible muscular power beneath you and between your legs. It’s a great feeling and it makes you feel special, all at the same time. It’s a truly unique experience. But riding a motorcycle is like that multiplied by a hundred. You miss that connection to a living animal, that is true, but you have in its place a hundred or more times the power and you just feeling it shivering and throbbing up into you. There is nothing that is a greater turn on than that sensation. I absolutely love being able to experience the fun and excitement of a powerful motorcycle… but the best part is sharing it with someone.”

Connie loves the feeling of wrapping her arms around a man as she is riding on the back of the motorcycle. “I love feeling connected to him in that way,” she says. “I love the feeling of danger, the thrill and excitement of being just barely at the edge of control. I think you only fully appreciate your life when you get right up to the edge of the abyss and look down into it, so to speak. I don’t do drugs, so I’m into natural highs, like the ones that come from speed and adrenaline. I get very turned on by those experiences. I love the thought of being out with a man on a motorcycle, riding up into the hills, following all the curves and feeling the motorcycle throb… and then getting to some quiet, private spot where he bends me over the motorcycle itself and just takes me there. We all have our fantasies, and that one is mine. It makes me dripping wet just thinking about it. I’m a naughty girl and yes, my love of speed and power is something that I consider part of my naughty side. I love it when I can indulge that naughty side. Most men like it when I do that, too. I’m a popular young woman for that reason.”

Indulging her naughtier side is something that Connie adores. She’s always looking for new opportunities to do so and she thinks that the chance to have a good time is something that you should never turn down. “I love being an erotic massage artist,” she says. “I love that I have so much free time, that I can get hands on with all the men I meet, that I can get to know them and spend time with them. I love knowing that when a man is done with me, when he has booked my time either incall or outcall, when I leave his house or when he leaves the building, he’s going to feel a whole lot better. He’s going to be a lot less stressed and a lot more relaxed. I love having that power and influence. I love being able to channel what I have, my looks and my skill at massage, and produce that outcome. I love it that I have that power. And that is why I love my job with AllAmericanNuru.com so much. It’s what makes me such an effective massage artist. And it’s part of what makes me such a sexy woman.”

In her spare time, Connie is definitely a party girl who likes to go out and have a good time. “I think that’s probably pretty obvious about me,” she says. “I just love to get out and paint the town red. I love to feel the excitement and thrill of doing new things. I enjoy being able to go to clubs and other night spots. I love to see people’s eyes on me when I wear super tight dresses and am almost naked when you come right down to it. This body is so incredible. I figure I might as well make use of it. I love being able to do that as part of both my professional and personal lives. That’s what life’s about.”

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